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Hot Spots, Fleas, Prevention

Leila is a Samoyed-mix, twelve and ½ years old, 75 lbs.  I took her in for a check-up and the vet said she seldom sees a Samoyed live past eight.  She also said Leila’s in perfect health, no liver or kidney problems (which are typical with this breed) and no fleas!  I haven’t given her any flea repellents at all this summer, because I haven’t seen her scratching – and, until I read other testimonials, I’d forgotten that Leila always suffered with terrible hot spots during every other summer.


I’ve been giving her one tablespoonful of Mangosteen juice mixed into her breakfast for almost a year.  After a few months, the neighbors began commenting, “Laila’s acting like a puppy again!”  I also give my fourteen-year-old Golden Siamese cat a teaspoonful in her breakfast and she’s doing wonderfully well too –as am I (at 67!)


Gayla Yates

Health Consultant *1

Hot Spots, Skin Eruptions

My sister has an Australian Shepherd.  The dog is allergic to the dog food; the dog is on a good balanced diet of cooked human-type food.  She gets ‘hot spots’ on her skin once in a while and the vet can’t figure out why.  She takes pills for this and they sometimes work for a while.  We went walking on a Monday and the dog had a new hotspot that erupted Sunday.  Her leg was red, and she had been licking the spot.  My sister decided to give her ½ teaspoon of Mangosteen fluid twice a day.  I saw the dog again on Wednesday and the spot had cleared up completely.  The dog continues to take that dose of Mangosteen juice and no other spots have erupted. 


I give my working dogs each 5cc (1 tsp.) twice a day.  The guardian dogs weigh twice as much (100 lbs.) and I give them 10cc.  At their feeding, I just put it on their food.  My dogs are all healthy, but they work all day every day in every kind of weather.    I’m particularly interested in their joint health.  Their legs take a beating herding sheep.


Donna *1

Bee Stings

My dog was stung by a wasp and I gave her some juice for two days. By the second day the swelling was gone.  Being that she’s an outside dog, something irritated her paw and she chewed the hair off her paw.  I applied some juice on it and gave her some to drink.  By the next day, she stopped chewing her paw.


Broken Leg

My small dog, a Chinese Crested, broke her leg at the end of October 2008 and they put a metal brace on her leg.  It was supposed to be off in 3 months, but she just wasn’t healing!  After 5 months the vet said she would have to go for bone grafting surgery out of town if things didn’t improve by the next x-ray.  I started putting Mangosteen juice in her food twice a day and when she went back for x-rays, the vet said he didn’t know why or how the bone had suddenly started healing.  It looked great, but he didn’t expect the trend to continue.  We went for x-rays 2 months later and he said we could take the brace off!  That’s when I told him I was supplementing her food with Mangosteen juice.  In the next 2 weeks she should be able to get her splint off and running around again on all fours!


Sarah from Ontario

6/27/2009 *1

Healthy Litters

A friend of mine told me about this amazing product called Mangosteen juice.  The first few months we used the juice the results were staggering!  The first test was to see how it affected the birthing of a litter.  On a normal diet of dog food/chow, a female bullmastiff will deliver a litter generally with issues, as there is not enough nutritional value in chow for a pregnant female.  The sacs around the babies will be weak and the pups may be lethargic and slow in response.  In fact, we lost 1 or 2 pups with each litter.  So, we moved to organic foods, and saw some good results, prior to using Mangosteen.


After using Mangosteen for many months prior to delivery, our females delivered their puppies with some amazing results.  The sacks around the pups were the strongest we’d ever seen!  The mothers’ recoveries were 3 times faster than without the juice.  There was less bleeding from our moms and were less drained by delivery.  The moms actually got right back up as opposed to going to sleep immediately after delivery.  From that point on we did not lose another puppy.  The puppies were very lively right from their first breath.  These puppies came out running and had attitudes.  They were scooting all over the floor and they had a ‘super energy’ to drink from their mom immediately.


Once the pups are approximately 5 weeks of age, we supplement their diets daily with Mangosteen as well.  I’ve seen knock-offs in stores, but after researching the company and looking at the ingredients there is no comparison on the market.  You definitely get what you pay for.  Due to our first-hand experience, we are Firm Believers in the Mangosteen product called Mangosteen Juice.


We’ve gotten so many great reviews/comments on our dogs.  Their coats are gorgeous. They have solid strong bones and teeth.  They are healthy with no issues that typically result in bullmastiffs.  We have amazing dogs and we attribute their great health to the Mangosteen. We encourage all of our buyers to purchase Mangosteen with each puppy.


Randi Shannon *1

Bee Stings

My dog was stung by a wasp and I gave her some juice for two days. By the second day the swelling was gone.  Being that she’s an outside dog, something irritated her paw and she chewed the hair off her paw.  I applied some juice on it and gave her some to drink.  By the next day, she stopped chewing her paw.



I have a mutt, named Sammi, that is Jack Russell Terrier, Dachshund and Pomeranian all mixed together into the best friend that anyone could want.  She is now 13 years old and was starting to suffer from arthritis, bad breath and just general old-age slow down.  We give her about 3 tablespoons on a little bit of table scraps and she is a changed dog!  She now has more energy, no bad breath and is back to jumping onto “her” chair to watch out the window.  The groomer is amazed and has stated that she has never seen a dog that seems so happy all the time.  It seemed to have helped her from the inside out.  Her eyes and coat just shine now!


Deb L. Huntley

Minnesota *1


Sheba is a 10-year-old Dalmatian and a year ago started to suffer from arthritis.  She was in a lot of pain and walking with difficulty.  Her owner started using the Mangosteen fluid and administered 1 ounce daily.  Within just a couple of weeks, Sheba was walking and obviously out of pain.  She now runs and plays again.  She is on 1 ounce daily maintenance dose and is a happy dog.


Arthritis, Incontinence

Georgie is a 7-year-old Boxer.  He was so crippled by arthritis that he could not go up or down stairs.  His bladder was so weak that he could not control urination and had to wear a diaper.  His owners were going to have to put him down.  Out of desperation and a last-ditch effort to keep Georgie alive, the owners decided to administer 2 ounces of Mangosteen fluid to him daily.  Within 7 days, he could walk the stairs and within 14 days started urinating normally.  He now runs up the stairs and has not trouble urinating normally.  Thanks to this Mangosteen fluid, Georgie is still alive.



A family adopted a German Short Hair Pointer when the puppy was 3 months old.  There had been 11 puppies in the litter and this one was the runt.


At 2 years old the dog started having seizures.  The dog was put on a low dose of Phenobarbital given twice a day.  At 5 years old, the dog started have seizures again.  This time grand-mal seizures.  The medication was increased and the seizures stopped.


The seizures stopped until 2007 when the dog was 9.  The seizures were grand-mal and more frequent than in the past.  The Phenobarbital was increased again.  Through the years the dog also had regular blood work done to monitor the side effects, mainly the effect on the liver.  This time the results of the blood work was not good.  So, it was decided a second medication would be added, Potassium Bromide.  The hope was to be able to lower the Phenobarbital.  The combination of the two drugs affected the dogs balance and it staggered around.  They worked on getting the medication adjusted for about a year, but the seizures continued.


The dog was also hospitalized once during the year when the dog had 3 grand-mal seizures in one day.  They were able to stabilize the dog, but he continued to have about 3 grand-mal seizures a month.  In December 2007 the owner requested a liver bile test.  It showed that if the dog continued on the seizure medication, the dog would die of liver cancer.  The Phenobarbital was decreased, and the Potassium Bromide was increased.  The dog was still having balance problems because of the Potassium Bromide and he was still having about 3 seizures a month.


The owner decided to start giving the dog Mangosteen juice in January 2008.  The dog was given 1 oz. of Mangosteen juice twice a day.  There was only one seizure in January.  The seizures had stopped by February.  The dosage of the other medication stayed the same.  In March a second liver bile test was done, and the liver was 95% normal again.  It was decided to continue with the Mangosteen juice and go to low doses of the other medication.  The trouble with balance resolved with the lower doses of the medication and the dog has been seizure free.



I have a small Pomeranian that started having seizures about 9 months ago, at least 2 times a day.  The medication the vet prescribed her (Phenobarbital) was making her dizzy among other side effects, so we started her on the Mangosteen fluid September 2006.  She reacted immediately, (we took her off of the medication the same day we started her with the fluid) with lots of energy.  She has not had a seizure since then.  We also noticed she was not limping anymore, (she had developed arthritis). A rash that she had on her skin was gone and her hair was growing thick and very shiny.  My husband gives her ½ oz. every morning.  Don’t be afraid to start your dog on the fluid, you will be surprised to see how fast she recuperates and gets better. 


Yvonne *1


My dog is an 8-year-old Chihuahua that weights 5 lbs. that I adopted from the Humane Society.  His previous owner did not want to deal with an animal that had Epilepsy.  The dog was put on Phenobarbital by the vet – ½ pill twice a day with his food.  With the Phenobarbital, there was always breakthrough seizures and I hated seeing the dog go through this. 


I decided to give him some Mangosteen fluid with his food twice daily to see if it would help.  I put ½ ounce on his food twice daily at 12-hour intervals – 7am and 7pm.  My husband and I both use the fluid and it’s done wonders for us and it’s all natural, so I thought why not try it for the dog.  He’s been on the fluid for a year now and he has had no breakthrough seizures.  I wondered if it really wat the fluid doing this, so I stopped giving the fluid in his food at the next meal.  Within 12 hours, the dog had the worst breakthrough seizure I had ever seen!  I felt awful! I put him right back on the fluid and have not seen another seizure.



Naples, FL *1

Kennel Cough (Bordetella)

I have two Pomeranians!  A couple days after they came home from the groomer’s, the both started coughing … like a cat with a hairball!  I could tell they were miserable … and, of course, they weren’t their usual playful, selves.


I called my daughter who is a vet tech and asked her what I should do.  She said it was probably ‘kennel cough” (also known as “Bordetella”) and that I needed to take them to the vet immediately.  She said he would put them on a strong prescription and it would take a couple of weeks for them to get better. 


When I got off the phone, I decided to give them Mangosteen juice instead.  Within hours they both were back to their usual selves and no cough!  I didn’t have to spend the time or the money to take them to the vet nor did they have to wait to feel better.  I avoided the chance of a medication upsetting their stomachs.  They now get their eye-dropper full of Mangosteen juice every morning when we take ours!  (Their coats are now healthy & shiny too!)


Bonnie Staggs

St. David, AZ *1


Our dog Scampy got into our trash while I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  My husband had put some bad pork sausage in the trash and someone left the door open.  Scampy found the treasure and had a little Thanksgiving dinner of his own.  He ate every morsel!


The next night Scampy was very sick and you can imagine the symptoms!  I tried everything I knew to do, and nothing worked!  I considered taking him to the vet but on a holiday weekend, it would be very expensive for emergency care.  Let alone what he’d have to go through to get his stomach pumped, blood work, anesthesia, x-rays and who knows what else!  I didn’t want to see my dog die … the next day was Monday and if I had to take him to the vet, I would!!


I consider all that I had read about Mangosteen fluid, used with great results with babies … why not try it on Scampy!  I started him on ½ ounce of the fluid.  Within a few hours, he was acting normal.  Then he slept for 5 hours.  The next day he was chasing the cat and even opted to stay in when I offered to let him out.  Now he’s perfectly fine.  I had given him about $1.50 worth of the original Mangosteen fluid. 


Diane Graves & Dave Womack

Prescott, AZ *1

Gastroenteritis, Diarrhea

My daughter’s dog got into the trash one Sunday.  It had a field day with the Chinese food leftovers.  The poor dog was throwing up and had diarrhea.  I take Mangosteen juice for Sciatica and thought it couldn’t hurt the dog, so I said, “Let’s give it a try.”  I gave the dog a few teaspoons of the Mangosteen juice and a few hours later before bed, I gave it a little more.  The next morning the dog was playing and had an appetite.  The dog didn’t throw up or have diarrhea through the night!  Confucius Say: Never be without Mangosteen juice!


Marlene Aversano

South West Florida *1

Gastrointestinal Parasites, Vomiting, Red Ant Bites & Diarrhea

When our little Yorkie, Lily, was just about 6 months old, she got stung by some red ants right in the pads of her little puppy feet!  She started limping badly very quickly.  I knew that Mangosteen had anti-inflammatory properties, so I took a little of the Mangosteen fluid in a small cup and held her paw in it immediately.  Within minutes, she was walking on her paw with no problem!  There was no swelling and she stopped licking her paw!  Then at 10 months old, she became very ill, and started vomiting continuously for nearly 10 hours.  Then the diarrhea started.  I took her to the vet.  After an exam, the vet said she picked up an intestinal parasite.  They sent me home with antibiotics and something to stop the diarrhea. 


Unfortunately, she couldn’t keep anything down.  Her little butt was red raw and inflamed from diarrhea.  We took another trip back to the vet.  They gave her Sub-Q fluids to rehydrate her.  I just couldn’t bear to see her so miserable and being an animal.  I started giving her 1 cc of the Mangosteen fluid from a syringe and she kept it down!  I gave her another 1cc before she went to bed. 


Since the Mangosteen fluid is an anti-inflammatory, I decided to soak gauze with the Mangosteen fluid and I held it on her little irritated butt for 5-minute intervals 5 times within the next few hours before bedtime.  She slept through the night, no vomiting and no diarrhea!  The next morning, she was playful and went to her food bowl looking for food.  I lifted up her little tail only to find not raw skin!  The skin around her rectum looked healthy and appeared as if there never was any irritation or inflammation at all!


Paula Gervais

Cape Coral, FL

2007 *1

Ear Infections

My son, Jesse, and his wife have a much-loved Lhasa Apso dog named Yoda.  A year or so ago, Yoda developed an ear infection and no matter what they did, what medication they applied, nothing changed.  Then my son and his wife started drinking Mangosteen juice and got such good results for themselves (and I saw what it did for me), they decided to try it on Yoda.


They applied the juice directly to his ear and within three days, the infection cleared up.  It has not reappeared.  They put Mangosteen juice in his food twice a day and swear that Yoda loves it.


Dennie LaTourelle

Health Coach

Eugene, OR *1

Hip Displaysia, Arthritis

Our dog is a female miniature pinche, weighs 8 ½ lbs. and is 11 years old.  She has hip problems and arthritis.  She had trouble getting out of her bed and walking around.  Once we started her on the Mangosteen fluid, she was jumping around like a teenager!


The dog would jump up on my lap when I was sitting on the couch, she would get out of her bed with no problem.  Getting in and out the front door used to be a problem, but she was able to do that without pain.  We only gave her 1 cc of Mangosteen fluid 2 times per day, but it sure made a difference.


Kim Todd

Naples, Fl

2007 *1

Hip Displaysia

We have a 5-year-old yellow Lab, Emily, who had developed bad hips.  Still being a young, healthy dog with the love of running and swimming; it became very evident that we needed to consider surgery when she was hardly able to walk after a day of playing.  Rather than go the extreme route, we decided to take her off the joint medication we were giving her and give the Mangosteen fluid a try.  With a little apprehension she takes it through a meat injector.  Within a short period of time, Emily was like a puppy again.  Her eyes held a brightness unlike before when all you could see in her eyes was the pain, she was in.  She began running and swimming with ease.  She was enjoying her life as a dog again.  She has an extreme amount of energy every morning now and is very happy.


Laurie Wendel *1

Cushing's Disease

My dog was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease at the end of 2003.  Cushing’s disease is actually a tumor in their pituitary gland that then signals the adrenal gland to overproduce hormones.  Unfortunately, it’s a fatal disease for dogs.  The only medicine that they have for Cushing’s for dogs is a chemo drug that only masks the symptoms but does not cure the actual tumor in his pituitary gland. 


For the first six months of 2004 it was clear that our dog was going downhill.  I started my dog on the Mangosteen fluid in July 2004.  By the end of the year, the tests came back.  In each test that he had over those six months, his scores kept going down and down and down.  By the time Christmas came along, his scores can back that he was in the middle of normal!  The Mangosteen fluid gave him more energy too.  He had some bloody sores on his body that immediately, five days after I started giving him the fluid, the scores went away.  He also lost 18 lbs., which was great because he had gained that weight as a result of the Cushing’s disease.  I couldn’t be happier, and neither could my dog! 



Chicago, IL *1

CASE REPORTS FROM A Veterinarian (Texas)

No implied claims are made with these testimonials.  The DVM’s name has been withheld for privacy.


CASE #1 ARTHRITIS and a German Shepherd who was about to be “put down”

A 14-year old German Shepherd weighing 130 pounds had severe arthritis in his hips.  He was being treated by another veterinarian with 2 strong prescription pain medications.  The dog had deteriorated to the point where he could no longer stand up by himself and barely walk.  The owner came to me in tears thinking that it may be time to put him to sleep but asked if there was anything else, we could try.


I gave the dog an injection of methylprednisolone acetate just to get him on his feet again and then put him on the Mangosteen fluid at 1 ½ ounces 2X/day.  I had him discontinue all the pain medications too.  I told him the injection I gave would probably only help for a couple of weeks but that we would see how the dog did on the fluid.  Since he’s been on the fluid, he can now jump on the bed again and even goes for walks with his owner.  To see him move around, you would never know the dog had severe arthritis.  If his owner drops his dosage too low (1 ounce once a day), he starts getting stiff and sore but improves drastically when the owner gives the dog a least 1-ounce 2X/day.  He’s been on the fluid only (no pain meds) for 5+ months now.



A 4-year old Labrador had an acute ear infection caused by yeast (confirmed by cytology).  The ear was very inflamed and painful.  I cleaned the ear canals out and after determining the eardrums were intact, I put 5cc of the Mangosteen fluid in each ear canal.  Within one hour the pain and inflammation were gone.  I used the fluid 3cc’s 2X/day for 3 more days and it resolved the infection.  Usually it would require 1-2 weeks and prescription medication to resolve an ear infection.



A 14-year old Springer Spaniel with chronic renal failure had an acute flair up with greatly elevated kidney enzymes, vomiting, lethargy, anorexia and uremic poisoning.  We gave him 2 ounces of Mangosteen fluid twice a day and within 2 weeks his kidney tests were in the high-normal range.  He was feeling and eating well again.  



History:  A 12-year old unsprayed female Shitzu was presented for mammary tumors of 2-3 months duration


Lab: HCT/PCV was low but everything else was within normal range


TX: Tumors were surgically removed.


Results:  Tumors recurred in other mammary glands a couple of months later and they were also surgically removed.  The tumors recurred a third time in the mammary glands in the perineal region.  This time they were deemed inoperable and the prognosis was grave.  I had just learned about the Mangosteen fluid so decided to put her on it.


Response: Within 2 weeks the tumors started regressing and none of them grew anymore.  No new tumors appeared.  It was expected that the tumors would keep growing in size and spread as they had before.  As I stated above, the fluid was the only treatment she was getting.



History #1

An 11-year old poodle was presented for vomiting, diarrhea PU/PD of 2-day duration.  Her temperature was 103 degrees, she was dehydrated and lethargic.


Lab: CBC-WBC count was 32,500; her blood glucose was 419; liver, kidney and electrolytes were all in the normal range.


Meds: I gave insulin, metoclopramide (for vomiting), Procaine Pen G injection and Mangosteen fluid 2X/day/


Results: The blood glucose stabilized to less than 200 and the dog was active and eating within 24 hours.


Response: I would have expected it to take 3-4 days for the dog to get stabilized, feeling good and eating again. 


The owner continued with the insulin and Mangosteen fluid at home.  She monitored the dog’s glucose/insulin level by twice daily urine glucose strips.  She was able to decrease the dog’s insulin to 1/3 the dose within 2 weeks.  It was expected that the owner would have to maintain the dose or increase it over time.  Subsequent blood glucose tests were normal.


History #2: The dog was boarded (as she often was) and her insulin was given, but the owner forgot the Mangosteen fluid.  Two days later she had explosive bloody diarrhea, was weak, lethargic, anorexic and her blood glucose was 486.


Meds: Increased insulin, fluids, Procaine Pen G injection, probiotics and the Mangosteen fluid 2X/day.


Results: Blood glucose was 184 the next day, she had no more diarrhea and was bright, alert and eating.


Response: The dog should have taken several days to stabilize but she was back to normal within 24 hours.  Since then, she has not been off of the Mangosteen fluid and her blood glucose level has dropped enough that we have decreased her insulin again.


Testimonials Reference *1

"The Mangosteen Pet Experience"

by Paula Gervais 

Her book may be purchased directly from her at:  

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