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Cold Symptoms

Our cat, Saffie, came down with a terrible cold.  He was sneezing all the time, nose running, eyes were watery, and he would just lie around all day.  He seemed to be getting worse over a 3-day period, so we gave him 5 cc’s of Mangosteen fluid 4 or 5 times per day.  We either squirted it down his throat with an eye dropper or mixed it food.


Within 24 hours he started getting better.  Everything improved and the life was coming back into his eyes as well.  Within 3-4 days he was his normal self again.  He was too sick for this to be just coincidence.  The turnaround was amazing. 


Best, Jeff & Diane Romualdi  *1


We have a Calico cat named Zoey.  We have given her and our daughter’s cat Mangosteen juice for about two years and they both thrive on it.  We put them both on it for different reasons.  We give it to Zoey because she is 14 years old and suffers from arthritis.  She is still a little stiff, but she moves much better and is more active.  She used to get diarrhea from time to time but she never seems to get it any more.



Arlington, Texas *1

Stiff Joints

My cat Megan loves her Mangosteen juice.  She is 12 years old and her joints are stiff.  When she drinks her Mangosteen fluid, she isn’t as stiff when she wakes up from her nap.  When she doesn’t drink it, she is rather stiff.  The best part is that she is eager to drink it … as long as I put it in an eye dropper and let her lick the drips.


Janelle Crane *1

Skin Condition, Sores

I have to tell you about my Mangosteen cat!  I didn’t keep as close records on this as I should have, but I have a cat that developed a skin condition last fall.  He had a scabby rash over his back and I kept procrastinating about taking him to the vet because he was otherwise healthy.  Well, in January we started noticing that his coat was looking scraggly and the skin condition was now scabby all over his back and sides.

We started giving him some Mangosteen fluid by mixing a couple of teaspoons into his food every morning just to see what would happen.  I figured if it would clear up eczema in people, it might clear up the skin condition.  The cat has loved his Mangosteen – begging for it every morning.  It became his favorite food!  After about 3 weeks of regular Mangosteen supplementation, I picked the cat up and noticed what a silky coat he has – absolutely no scabs anywhere on his body and he looked very healthy. 

Laura Hammond *1

Car Injuries, Cat Hit by a Car

I found my pretty orange calico cat, Goaty, meowing in pain while trying to drag his rear legs behind him.  He had evidently been hit by a car on our country road.  My grandfather said that he would put the cat to sleep for me, and we could give him a good burial. 


But my grandmother decided that we would try giving Mangosteen juice to him even though he wouldn’t eat or drink.  We used a two-cc syringe and forced 1 cc into his mouth three times a day.  By the third day we had him eating food with the Mangosteen juice on top of it.  By the end of the first week he was actually putting some weight on his rear legs and by the end of the second week he was running around.  Boy did we show Papa!!


Brittanie Ortz, Green Bay, WI *1


Samantha is a 6-year-old Siamese cat with seizures due to some sort of brain disorder.  She was lethargic and had 2 to 3 seizures a week.  She was on a drug that helped minimize the extent of her seizures.  Samantha’s owner started giving her 1 cc of Mangosteen fluid per day from an eye dropper.  Within a week she had energy and started to play with the other cats.  Although she still has seizures, they are less frequent and less severe.  She seems to be more alert and has more energy than before.


Testimonials Reference *1

"The Mangosteen Pet Experience"

by Paula Gervais 

Her book may be purchased directly from her at:  

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