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About M4A Mangosteen for Dairy

Why partner with M4A?

We have lived and worked in the dairy industry for decades.  We constantly look for better ways to raise healthier and more productive cows.  This includes looking for ways to enhance the animal living environment as well as supplements that will enhance the animal’s immune system.

We regularly conduct field trials with mangosteen to determine its effectiveness on a wide array of ailments and the most efficient dosage level.  Many of the field trials are ones that we construct with motivated dairymen seeking a better way to care for their animals.  Our owners include a very experienced herd manager and a professional statistician, who can design a credible tests to help dairymen make decisions on best management practices and effective ways to use mangosteen.

Our team is dedicated to improving and maintaining the overall health and performance of dairy cows.  Our mangosteen product offers solutions that address:

  • Healthier calves—better weight gain, livelier, gleaming hair coats

  • Lower incidence of calf scours and faster recovery from scours

  • Significantly higher milk production from first lactation

  • Transition cows returning faster to normal milk production levels

  • Faster reduction of SCC, with no milk hold back--avoidance of antibiotics

  • Cull cows with ailments (mastitis, downed cow, etc.) can recover without use of antibiotics and moved quickly to market

  • Edema, soreness, low milk production

Why can M4A’s mangosteen produce impressive results for your dairy?

There are two families of key ingredients in mangosteen that directly relate to overall animal health and performance:

  • Xanthones: Nearly 50 xanthones found in mangosteen. Research shows xanthones’ potent effect on:

    • Anti-allergy--histamine release,

    • Anti-inflammatory--regulating inflammation,

    • Improved digestion—resolving digestive tract disorders—diarrhea & dysentery,

    • Anti-fungal & anti-bacterial--inhibiting an array of bacteria and fungi, speeding up healing

  • Essential Nutrients--Calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron, thiamine, manganese, magnesium, copper, vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, riboflavin, niacin, ascorbic acid and more are found in mangosteen.

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